Impacts of tourism and sport activities on the surface of the Earth: an anthropogenic geomorphological approach

David L. - Department of Tourism and Regional Development, Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, Hungary, E-mail:
Baros Z.
- Department of Regional and Rural Development, Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, Hungary

volume 4 - nº 1 - 2007

Key-words: Outdoor recreation; infrastructure; environmental impacts; winter sports; coastal tourism.

Abstract: Within the system of natural environment, the transformation of any elements, such as relief has an impact on the operation of the whole system, and can trigger several, mostly unfavourable transformations. Although, the extent of the impacts on environment, and within this on relief, related to recreation activities, compared to that of other sectors (e.g. industry, agriculture) is rather small. However because of the continuously growing popularity of these sectors, more attention should be paid to the planning taking the complicated relations of environment and activities into account, due to the discovering new destinations. In case, those looking for leisure and still intend to enjoy the natural environment, they will also have to become environmentally sound users. The impact of recreation activities on relief can come into force in many ways. Whether we talk about a study carried out at a given area or a comprehensive one also using previous results, the demand for a multidisciplinary approach resultant from the characteristics of this topic represents a great challenge to the experts.

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